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Shropshire FA Club Affiliation for the 2023-24 season is open


Key dates for 2023/24

1st June - Referee Registration

From 5th June to 29th June -(dates vary by County) - Affiliation

5th June - Player Registration

Affiliation takes place through the Clubs Portal

Club Portal


Please take a look at the step by step process


Full details on Shropshire FA player insurance.

Shropshire FA Insurance


The major benefits from affiliation to Shropshire Football Association include:

  • Being part of the structure of the National Game from grassroots upwards
  • Eligibility to participate in County FA competitions
  • Discipline and Fair Play
  • Opportunities to apply for grant aid and funding from the Football Association
  • Access to information and advice from the County FA personnel, FA Regional Development Manger and FA Regional Facility Managers
  • Opportunities to acquire suitable Public Liability Insurance cover for your club, team and players
  • Access to FA and County FA publications and resources
  • Opportunities to participate in FA football development schemes such as Charter Standard Awards
  • The opportunity to make your Club's view known on the future development of the game to both County FA's and The FA
Safeguarding and Welfare