Referees perform a vital role in the game, and with the growth in the popularity of football, particularly for women and children, the demand for match officials is increasing.

The Football Association estimates that in some areas of the country, 20 per cent of games are played without a qualified match official. Their goal is to recruit 10,000 referees a year to ensure that, in future, every game has a qualified official who is receiving regular training and support from an FA mentor programme and helpline. The first stage involved in becoming a referee is to make contact with us to discuss your aspirations and the second stage is to attend a basic Referees Course and pass the exam at the end of the course. Please click on the links to the right to view available referee courses and costs. If you would like to attend a referee training course please complete the questionnaire before returning it to us as this will helps us with the organisation of courses relevant to you. Please contact Jamie James Shropshire FA Referee Development Officer with regard to referee development on 01743 362769 email

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