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Referee Promotions

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If you wish to be considered for promotion, you should first ensure that you would be able to meet the criteria laid down by The FA

Browse this page to help you decide and please read the attached FA Referee Progression Pack carefully which explains the criteria for each level. 



The following images shows the progression pathways in both the Men’s and Women’s game. For those of you entering the scheme for the first time, candidates would start at Level 7 or 4W providing they are aged 16+. For those under 16, the entry level is Y1. 


Please get in touch for more information:

Email Vicki Tranter


Please see all our promotion requirements:

Promotion Guidance

 Level Y1 - Y2 Promotion Pack

 Level 7 - 6 Promotion Pack

Level 6 - 5 Promotion Pack

Level 5 - 4 Promotion Pack

Level 4W - 3W Promotion Pack



"The referee progression pathway will create more progression opportunities for more officials across the grassroots game"

Referee Promotions

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