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safeguarding contacts 

If you ever have a concern about a child or ‘adult at risk’, hear a rumour or are told a secret about a child’s welfare or see behaviour where a child or ‘adult at risk’ seem to be at risk of harm you have a responsibility to report it.

england football - referee

Give something back to the game you love or remain involved in the game after injury or retirement.

Play a vital role in ensuring players enjoy the game and increase participation in the sport. Make new and lasting friends whilst keeping fit and healthy. Refereeing can be a potential career for those who wish to progress to the top.

England Football - Referee


Outline summary of Law changes 

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) are the independent guardians of the football rules of association football

The International Football Association Board is the body that determines the Laws of the Game of association football. IFAB was founded in 1886 to agree standardised Laws for international competition, and has since acted as the "guardian" of the internationally used Laws

IFAB - Law changes 23/24 

IFAB - Law Changes 22/23 


Referee Contiounus Service Medal

Active referees, assessors, instructors, mentors and anyone else involved in refereeing can be nominated, no matter which county they have served in, or in which role, as long as it is continuous service.

This could mean, for example, that a referee who lived in Birmingham and completed fifteen years referees service and then moved to Shropshire and undertaken another ten years has completed 25 years of continuous service.

There are three awards for the following periods of continuous service:

25 Years - certificate
40 Years - certificate
50 Years - certificate and a medal with the individual's name and years of service engraved on it.

It is not a requirement to have your application submitted by someone else.

Please complete the below form.

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Providing consent for youth referee

You will need to give consent for your child to register as a Referee if they are under 16 years of age, please see guidance below.

FA Guidance on registering an U16 year old referee 


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