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Football on Your Terms

Want To Play 11-A-Side Football But In A Flexible Format You Can Fit Around Your Lifestyle?

Flexible Football Leagues are being introduced across the country to provide opportunities to play 11-a-side football for players who have dropped out of the game, struggle with regular weekend commitment, or just want to play football with less time and less fuss.


Football is our national sport; it remains incredibly popular with 6.6m people reporting that they play some version of the game each year. However, recent research has indicated that adult football participation is changing and in some areas traditional Saturday or Sunday formats of the game are experiencing a decline. Some players struggle to accommodate football alongside other work, family, education or leisure demands.

Many adult players who used to play in traditional formats of Saturday and Sunday football have dropped out due to age, fitness, work or family commitments. Research tells us that many retain a desire to play, but not with the commitment that was previously required of them. Many are attracted to playing games less frequently, in a reduced timeframe, with rolling subs and competing competitions that reflect their ability level, at times which will not have such an impact on family lives or other weekend leisure activities.

Shropshire is no different to this national trend and we have successfully piloted a number of ‘flexible format’ midweek 11v11 leagues in recent years, for open-age players (16+). The feedback from the teams who have participated in these leagues has been extremely positive and we’re now looking to roll out more midweek leagues across the county to cater for those players who cannot commit to playing football on the weekend.


  • Central Venue 3G pitch
  • 60-minute Games
  • Fortnightly Fixtures
  • 8-team League
  • Cup & Shield Competition
  • FA Qualified Referees
  • Repeat Substitutions
  • Unlimited Squad Size
  • Shorter Seasons
  • Minimal Administration
  • Minimal Costs

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