Apply for Wildcats Squad Girls and Just Play All Year Round

Clubs and schools can now apply to become a Wildcats, Squad Girls and Just Play centre all year round!
Want to become a WILDCATS, SQUAD GIRLS or JUST PLAY provider? 
Clubs and schools can now apply ALL YEAR ROUND to offer an FA programme 
What is Wildcats?
Weetabix Wildcats is an offer for every girl aged 5-11, regardless of ability, disability, impairment, or health condition, to try football for the first time in a fun, safe environment.
Sessions take place on a weekly basis, either evenings or at weekends, and are focused on helping girls make friends, have fun and be active through football.
All sessions are delivered by FA qualified coaches, providing a safe place for girls to try football for the first time and develop key skills.
What is Squad Girls?
A fantastic follow on from Wildcats, Squad Girls’ is a programme established for girls between the ages of 12-14 and aims to create a fun, relevant and engaging recreational offer that allows them to develop themselves as much as their football skills in a safe, inclusive environment. The programme aims to give choice and voice to the girls who are involved in the sessions.
Similarly, to Wildcats, Squad sessions are delivered by qualified coaches in an engaging and flexible format to help boost confidence and develop their social identity.
What is Just Play? 
Just Play is recreational football at its best. It’s laid-back, fun, inclusive, have-a-kickabout football, designed for those aged 16+, for adults, men, women and disabled people.
One of the benefits of becoming a Just Play provider is flexibility – you can make your sessions open to all, or you can tailor and advertise them to a specific audience – veterans, female-only, over 60s mixed.

Apply now through the FA Events Platform: https://faevents.thefa.com/