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Respect Report - Shropshire FA

Latest Respect Report October 2020

Please find below the latest Respect Reporting from The Shropshire FA

The overall Respect score shown within this report is calculated by combining the scores for Respect both on and off the pitch into a one total score, and dividing the fixtures with a Positive Respect score (2) against the total number of fixtures.

To generate this overall Respect score, the two Positive Respect both on and off the pitch scores out of 3 are added together to give a total score between 2 and 6. A score of 2 means that there was a Positive Respect rating of the environment both on and off the pitch during the fixture, with scores between 3-6 indicating Respect wasn't 100% positive both on and off the field.

The scores displayed within this report represent how teams have rated the environment of their fixture in relation to Respect, and do not represent how teams have rated their opposition in relation to Respect.

In assessing and actioning this report CFAs should take into consideration the number of reported fixtures. Although teams are marking the overall environment and not their direct opposition, if a particular team has consistently been involved in fixtures resulting in low Respect scores then this should prompt further investigation and ideally proactive work by the CFA with that club or team to use the Respect resources, initiatives and equipment scheme to improve behavioural standards.

Leagues, Clubs and Teams must have a minimum of 3 responses to appear in the graphs provided. However, teams with less than 3 responses will still be included in the overall county scores.


Football is For ALL and should be enjoyed in a safe, fun and inclusive environment, where you and I can play our part.

Respect is an important value in life, not just football. Leading with Respect is important to our County FA and we want to ensure that the match day environments played here are memorable for the right reasons. It’s all about creating the best possible football experiences.

Across our county there are so many people who champion the behaviours of Respect (for example fairness, integrity, inclusion and leadership) and can demonstrate how they have worked to make these behaviours a part of the game in their communities. We would like to unite the game in our county, by everyone championing Respect and coming together to positively impact one more or even many more.



The FA’s Respect campaign was launched in the 2008/9 season after a build-up of behavioural problems in the National Game. Following its success, The FA want to spread the message of Respect even further across English football. The new campaign - We Only Do Positive- aims to do just that.

The new campaign highlights the importance of positive behaviour towards young footballers, specifically looking at the impact parents and coaches can have. The campaign is rooted in extensive research carried out in 2017/18 to understand more clearly the effect of negative behaviour on Under 7s - Under 18s and where Respect interventions would be most effective.

The research provided clear evidence of why positivity was so important in the youth game. The stand-out insight was that 9 in 10 children played better with positive encouragement. In addition, the research highlighted that negative experiences on children had a serious adverse effects on both in their footballing ability and more widely to their enjoyment of the sport.

‘We Only Do Positive’ is a response to this research and uses an all new strategic approach to target coaches and parents specifically around mini-soccer and youth football. It aims to promote and educate coaches and parents on their roles in creating a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all the players, ensuring they have great experiences throughout their football journey.