Name our new safeguarding mascot

We want you to name our new Safeguarding Mascot

The Competition closes on Friday 1st May 2020.

We want you to name our new Safeguarding Mascot!

We will pick the winning name of one entry. 

We are looking for young people to design posters that deliver safeguarding messages in a child friendly format. 

The poster topic is “keeping children safe in football” and when creating the poster, things to be considered are:

  • The Name of are Safeguarding Mascot?

  • What children should do if they have any worries?

  • Who can children tell? (e.g. Parents, Trusted Adults, Childline 0800 1111, Football Coach). 

The idea is for young people to get as creative as they possibly can! We encourage the use of pens, pencils, paint or computer design – The brighter the better! The poster must be A4 or A3 in size and in portrait view. Download our poster below and get started.


We have split the age groups into four categories: 

5-7 years
8-11 years
12-15 years
16-18 years 

There will be a prizes for each age group and another prizes for Naming our mascot.

5-7 years Winner (£20.00 Amazon Voucher)
8-11 years Winner (£20.00 Amazon Voucher)
12-15 years Winner (£20.00 Amazon Voucher)
16-18 years Winner (£20.00 Amazon Voucher)
Naming the Mascot Winner (X2 tickets to an England Senior Men's Game.)


Please send all entries to or post your entries to:

Shropshire Football Association
Oteley Road

The Competition closes on Friday 1st May 2020