Taking Football t Africa

Taking Football to Africa and Beyond - Nepal

SecureCloud+ are pleased to announce their collaboration with Taking Football to Africa and Beyond Charitable appeal as they join them in their expedition to Nepal-Base Camp.As supporters of RAF Football, SecureCloud+ were presented this opportunity by the RAF Shropshire based charitable appeal to take part in their expedition as they look to donate several kit resources to the Gurkha community in Nepal. 

The expedition they are embarking on will follow the appeal members as they look to expand on the charity’s mission by visiting local schools and sanctuaries across Nepal, providing the local community with equipment and football kits donated by local UK football clubs. The IT company were the only industry based organisation offered a spot on the expedition to carry out the appeal’s charitable efforts. ‘We support many outreach programmes as we feel it’s the right thing to do for an organisation of our stature. We are delighted to be offering football kits to the Gurkha community and look forward to assisting the appeal in every way we can in the future.’’ Says Peter Williamson – CEO of SecureCloud+. 

The team’s Itenary through Nepal will also include a 14-day trek which will include 6-hour trek days during acclimatization. During the trip the appeal will also be visiting welfare homes and schools operated by the Gurkha Welfare Trust. This comes shortly after SecureCloud+ has announced their collaboration with SSAFA, the official armed forces charity to assist the local Gurkha community in Reading. 

SecureCloud+ will be documenting the appeal’s journey through Nepal as they go through Nepal base Camp. Follow all their footsteps on our Twitter https://twitter.com/SecureCloudPlus and Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/securecloudplus/

Website- https://www.securecloudplus.co.uk/about-us/supporters-of/taking-football-to-africa-and-beyond-nepal/ 

About Taking Football to Africa and Beyond

The Royal Air Force Shawbury based Appeal ended 2019 having delivered football kit to 16 countries worldwide over 35 deliveries. The Appeal, run by Wing Commander Neil Hope MBE, has been operating from the North Shropshire airbase since 2006 and collects donated football kit before re-distributing them to children and adults across the globe.