Shropshire FA Youth Council Referee Young Leadership Day 2019

Are you aged 14-18 Years? Are you passionate about becomming a Referee? Are you Looking to improve your skills as a young Referee?

Shropshire FA Youth Council’s  Young Refereeing Leadership Day 2019

If you’re 14 – 18 years of age, passionate about becoming a referee or a looking to improve your skills as a qualified referee then Shropshire FA Youth Council’s Refereeing Leadership day can do just that. 

This year, to celebrate 5 years since the formation of the Shropshire FA Youth Council, we are doing 5 leadership days spread over the course of 2019. This is the second leadership day and will be focusing on Refereeing and Careers and how you can pursue football as a job.

Throughout the day, young leaders will participate in 3 different sessions; laws of the game, a practical session and finally video analysis. 

The laws of the game aspect of the day will include an interactive activity informing participants of new laws (such as sin bins) and the proceed to talk about career pathways in refereeing. 

The practical proportion of the day will include all participants having a go at being a referee, teaching them correct hand signals, positioning and helping them deal in certain scenarios which may arise on the pitch. Even If you are a complete novice or an experienced referee the day will still be informative and helpful to both. 

The final part of the day is a session on Video analysis and VAR where participants will get to have a go and see how good they would be as a VAR assistant when it comes to deciding whether a foul is careless, reckless or excessive.

All of our workshops will be delivered by experienced and knowledgeable FA and County FA Staff as well as members of Shropshire FA’s Youth Council that are highly enthusiastic and passionate about the development of the next generation within the county.

Event Details:
Venue: Telford College, Haybridge Rd, Wellington, Telford, TF1 2NP
Date: Monday 15th April 2019
Times: 9:00am Registration – 3:00pm Departure 

Further Requirements:

Aged Between 14-18 
Previous volunteering or leadership experience is preferred however is not necessary 
No qualifications are necessary – however, if qualified that’s fantastic! 

Our Aims as a Youth Council is to:
Engage the next generation of enthusiastic young leaders in various practical and classroom-based sessions 
Allow a platform that helps young leaders begin their journey within the football industry
Create exposure and opportunity for the young leaders to network with industry professionals 
Encourage peer learning and self-reflection throughout the day to help personally develop in a variety of ways. 

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Please find below a poster promoting the event along with an online registration process to be completed no later than Friday 12th April, 12pm

We look forward to meeting you on the 15th April 2019 and if you are in need of further information, please contact us on 

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Shropshire FA Youth Council Leadership Programme 2019

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