Re-Launch of Adult Charter Standard

An all too common story in many adult leagues is the loss of a division due to the withdrawal of teams. There are challenges to running an adult club but the difficulties many experience relate to the instability of running a single team supported by few volunteers upon whom the existence of the team is entirely dependent. To try and help more clubs become resilient, The FA is keen to see an increase in the number that hold Adult Charter Standard status. Adult Charter Standard seeks to confirm that a club has the basic requirements to run and operate itself in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner. Research undertaken by The FA has demonstrated that clubs retaining Adult Charter Standard: 

Are much more likely to remain in operation than those that have not 

Are more sustainable and attract additional teams, players and volunteers 

Have a better idea of how to develop and sustain themselves and an enhanced commitment to drive up standards 

Gaining Adult Charter Standard status is not a long, drawn out or difficult process. Many County Football Associations (CFAs) will offer individual or group support to clubs and talk them through the application form in an evening. Many CFAs will also offer free First Aid training to participants in order to fulfill this important award criterion. Adult Charter Standard status will be renewed for the 2018/19 season, so that criteria encourages the retention of clubs and the benefit package for new or renewing clubs is significantly improved. From September 2018, clubs will be offered:

Having achieved Adult Charter Standard status, clubs will also be able to apply for The FA and Football Foundation ‘Retain the Game funding scheme, which offers grants to sustain the activity of existing clubs. 

In 2018, 750 adult teams benefited from this scheme. If you’re interested in applying as a club or league for Charter Standard status, please contact your local CFA.

Nike Match Balls – 10 for new or renewing clubs 
• A £100 kit voucher that can be spent at a dedicated e-shop either on some pre-selected bundles of shorts, socks, match balls, manager jackets, roller bags waterbottles or First Aid Kits or as part of a larger purchase of kit and equipment.