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Friday May 25th 2018 saw the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR as it is more commonly known.
All Club and League secretaries where sent two emails from the FA (February 13th and April 16th), which contained a list of Frequently asked questions and draft templates that are easy to customise, to ensure clubs work towards compliance of this regulation.

Below, in related documents you will find the list of Frequently asked questions, a template of the Data Protection Policy for either your league or Club (internal document for you to circulate to committee) and the pro forma Privacy Notice (what you need to communicate to your members).

Frequently asked questions
Data Protection Policy - League and clubs
Privacy Notice - League
Privacy Notice - Club

Aside from these latest templates and FAQs document, Muckle LLP has also produced a Guide to GDPR, a series of fact sheets and easy-to-use online training modules which can be accessed via the links below should you want further information:

GDPR Guide
FA Online Training
GDPR Factsheets

If you need any further help or support with this then the FA, in association with Muckle LLP, are able to provide both Leagues and Clubs with support and guidance where they need it. You will need to know you affiliation number (found in Whole Game) before contacting them on: 0191 211 7799 or 

We take data protection seriously, please see below our Privacy Notice for more information