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Football should be unforgettable ! 


We are now an Alzheimer's Society referral partner and can help you access support

The FA, Shropshire FA and Alzheimer's Society are working together to ensure that fans, players, coaches and staff can access support through Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Support services, should you need it.

 You can find more information about Alzheimer's Society, the signs and symptoms of dementia and how to access support on this page.

How to make a referral

If you or a loved one are worried you may be experiencing symptoms of dementia, or have a diagnosis and need some advice or support, contact Info@shropshirefa.com.

We can provide more information and help with a referral. 

Alternatively, you can contact Alzheimer's Society's support line directly on 0333 150 3456

Signs And Symptoms Of Dementia

Memory problems are a common early sign of dementia, but not for everyone. A person with early-stage dementia might ask for the same information repeatedly or forget something they were recently told. But dementia can also affect the way people think, speak, perceive things, feel and behave. 

Common symptoms of dementia include: 

 Confusion and needing help with daily tasks – such as shopping or paying bills 
 Problems with language and understanding – including often being unable to find the right word, or having trouble following a conversation
 Changes in behaviour – such as becoming unusually anxious or irritable. 

The changes may be small to start with but become more noticeable. For example, they can begin to cause problems with familiar tasks such as using a phone or using public transport.

Contact Zoe Griffiths here at Shropshire FA for more help and advice

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