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Safeguarding Children in Football - guidance for parents and carers


The FA is asking every parent/carer with a child involved in football to take a few minutes to watch the video (above). It outlines what you should expect from your club and how you can play your part in safeguarding your child.

We are asking you to:

Ensure you know who your child’s coach/manager is, how they will communicate with you, how you can contact them and how to get feedback on your child - ask if they are FA DBS checked and safeguarding trained

Put the CWO name and contact details in your phone/notebook - ensure you and your child understand their role

Be clear about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour at your child’s club - sign up and adhere to their codes of conduct

Ask your child what they enjoy about playing - and remember this when supporting them!

Agree with your child how you will support/check-in to see how they are doing

Ensure your child understands their rights - find out more

Ensure you and your child know how to report a concern - find out more

Encourage your child to speak to you about anything that worries them, no matter how big or small


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Childline offers free, confidential advice and support.

Whatever your worry, whenever you need help, simply call 0800 1111.

Online, on the phone, any time.

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Click on the link below and explore one of the six ThinkUKnow websites for advice about staying safe when you're on a phone, tablet or computer.

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