Referee Development Programme

Exciting changes to the structure of the development groups will be implemented in August 2016. This will allow a larger number of Shropshire Referees to get involved in training and development.

Keep an eye out for updates from your RDO.

Who can be part of the Programme?

• Must be registered with their parent County Football Association
• Is not a Level 5 referee and has demonstrated a commitment to refereeing.
• Is active to form part of their development and future promotion opportunities
• Has been identified by the County F.A. Has having significant potential and a realistic chance of progressing up the refereeing ladder
• Has signed a contract of acceptance, agreeing to terms and conditions binding on all Academy members.
• Must have the required attitude to accept feedback in a positive manner from the Referees Coach or when applicable, an assessor.
• Is advised to become a member (if not already) of The Referees Association. The benefits of being a member of this body are worthwhile and are recommended.

What are the benefits of a Referees Development Programme for other referee’s?

• To enhance their development and performance, by having the benefit of instant feedback from a Referees Coach who will advise them on all aspects of your performance. The referees will be part of a Referees Coach scheme, which forms part of their support mechanism.
• Experience the professional aspects of the game, and meet the expectations placed on them as part of their role within the scheme
• To aid retention, the referee will officiate in an environment which is controlled by a code of conduct by all participants. This will enable you to develop with confidence, and gain a feeling of value and purpose.
• Referees within the structure of an Academy would gain experience and advice, which would assist them on the leagues they officiate on. This experience would also be useful to them when applying for promotion through the normal routes.
• An opportunity to aspire to Senior Referee Development (Level 4)

How do I find out more?

If you want to know more about the Referee Development Programme please contact Referee Development Officer Jamie James at or 01743 362769

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