Criminal Records Checks

Quicker, cheaper and simpler processing of criminal records checks! 65 percent of people requiring criminal records checks in football are now using the online application process through TMG CRB. This service provides quicker, cheaper checks which are simple for clubs and organisations to administer. Feedback from users of the service has been extremely positive.

TMG CRC’s online checks cost £10 per person, including VAT.

The paper-based applications currently cost £15.30 including VAT and from 1st June 2013, will rise to £20 including VAT. This increase in cost is directly linked to processing changes that have had to be implemented, as a result of the Protection of Freedoms Act, 2012.

Therefore from 1st June, the costs for DBS Enhanced with or without barred list checks are:

You are         Paper application method    Online application method     Government charge     Total

A Volunteer                     £20                                    £10                                        Nil                    20 or £10

Not a Volunteer               £20                                    £10                                       £44                  £64 or £54

You're Club Welfare Officer will be able to start the process for a CRC. 

If you have any queries regarding Criminal Records Checks you can contact Shropshire FA County Welfare Officer Dai Lewis on 01743 362769 or email


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