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Safeguarding in Shropshire


The Shropshire FA offers a range of safeguarding services and training to help create a safe and enjoyable football experience for everyone.

We ensure safeguarding requirements are met as a requirement of club affiliation and we support clubs to maintain these standards. This includes making unannounced safeguarding visits to clubs.



To complete your online SAFEGUARDING RE-CERTIFICATION, please click here


Victoria Vespa
County Welfare Officer

By Phone: 01743 362769 - Option 4

Working Hours: Monday - Thursday 9.30am - 2.30pm

Shropshire FA offices opening hours Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

For any Emergencies please contact the NSPCC Helpline on 08088005000 or 999.

By Email:


Coaches working within an affiliated youth football club must complete their Criminal Records Check (CRC) with their club. This can be carried out via the Club Welfare Officer. 

The method for carrying this out is as follows:

Complete an online application via a link provided by the County FA - You can find the link in the Guidance Documents below.


If you require your Criminal Records Check to be verified then The cost for this method is £10. 

Please note: Anyone receiving a wage from football must pay the additional government charge of £44.

When attending a verification meeting please ensure that you bring along all of the correct documents which are detailed on the guidance notes provided.

The verifier has to sign a legal declaration that they have seen all the correct documents so the County FA cannot be held responsible for incomplete applications which result in the applicant having to attend another verification meeting.

Please see a useful video guide below to learn more about obtaining a CRC check.



Concerns within your club

If you are concerned about your child or another child in your club, you would normally contact your Club Welfare Officer (CWO) in the first instance. You should be given the contact details of the CWO at the start of the season. If you do not know who your CWO is, speak to a coach in your club and ask for their details. The CWO will normally deal with cases of poor practice and behaviour within your club.

County Welfare Officer

For concerns of a serious nature or for advice and guidance contact County Welfare Officer Victoria Vespa on 01743 362769 or e-mail


As you know RESPECT is The FA's direct response to a clear message from the grassroots game. We must improve standards of behavior - on and off the field.

Parental behavior is one of the main reasons why young players drop out of the game. Poor behavior by coaches, parents and players has also seen a number of officials drop out each season

The role of the Club Welfare Officer (CWO) is to deal with poor practice cases within their club, give advice and guidance as well as being the lead on CRC’s within the club.

CWOs should always report more serious welfare case to the FA via the County Welfare Officer.


answers to your FREQUENTLY asked questions 

Local Welfare FAQ's

Yes find out how you can renew online here.

You or the coach needs to contact FA CRB 0845 2108080. It may be that the coach has been asked to supply additional information or purely an admin error.

In many cases this is just routine to clarify information and is nothing to worry about. If the individual does not comply with the process they will be suspended. It is up to the FA to make a decision on whether they should be accepted.

If you are querying a record we would need to have full details of the individual before searching records. That must include full birth name, as well the name they are known as now, address, DOB as well as any previous addresses. You will need to speak to the individual to find out this information.

Register with

If your are on Whole Game System as the Club Welfare Officer, contact to register as the verifier.

The system recognises your email address as the verifier so you will need use a different email address to register as an applicant.

The online system shows the completion of the DBS process. Once that process is completed the FA makes its decision based on the content. There can be a few weeks delay between completion of the DBS process and it showing as accepted on Whole Game System. The DBS certificate is not a certificate of acceptance it is just part of the process. The only way to see if they are accepted is on member services.

Your check can only be verified by County FA staff. Contact the CFA WO to arrange verification.

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