FA Charter Standard Annual Health Check

Welcome to information on the Charter Standard Annual Health Check for the 2016-17 season.

Below you will find all the information and documentation you will need to support you through this seasons process.

Included below you will find:

 Annual Health Check Guide 2016-17– This guide covers everything you need to know from the process and criteria to qualifications and rewards. Make sure you have a good read of this before attempting to complete the process, especially if it is your first time doing it.

 Annual Health Check Online ‘How To’ click through guide– This link will direct you to an online ‘how to’ click through guide that will take you through how to access Health Check and how to complete each step.

 FA Emergency Aid Bridging Document– This document is mainly for the named individuals within Adult teams that hold an acceptable first aid qualification that is not the FA Emergency Aid. More information within the Annual Health Check Guide 2016-17.

 Acceptable Ofqual First Aid Qualification List– This list shows what The FA will accept as a first aid qualification for Charter Standard purposes, evidence needs to be accompanied by a signed FA Emergency Aid Bridging Document. More information within the Annual Health Check Guide 2016-17.

Finally some key messages regarding satisfying criteria and submitting your Annual Health Check.

  1. If you submit your Health Check and club officials that need an accepted Enhanced FA CRC are without one and are actioned within your action plan then this will be rejected. All club officials will need an accepted Enhanced FA CRC in place before deadline of December 31st.*
  2. If not all coaching qualifications are satisfied for named individuals against teams including having an in date Safeguarding Children and Emergency Aid qualification then evidence will need to be provided of the next course they are booked on to.
  3. Finally Youth, Development & Community Clubs that do not meet the ratios of Youth Module or Level 2 Blocks 1 & 2 coaches against number of teams must contact Darren.Beech@shropshirefa.com  to discuss options before submitting their Health Check.

Good luck and don’t forget to claim your rewards once you’ve completed it successfully.

*The Club Welfare Officer within your own Club or team is responsible for conducting the Criminal Record Checks for those relevant roles that require one. Anyone needing to start or update an application should contact the Club Welfare Officer in the first instance. If the Club Welfare Officer needs any help or assistance in conducting these vital checks, they should contact Darren.Beech@shropshirefa.com

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