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Shropshire FA Youth Council

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Shropshire FA Youth Council

About us

The Shropshire FA Youth Council is made of up some of the most passionate young volunteers in Shropshire football and we pride ourselves on delivering a service for young people by young people which benefits all! Our purpose and vision as a youth Council is to inspire, empower and most importantly provide a voice for all children and young people to influence change and develop a lasting legacy in football for Shropshire. 

What we do

 Our aim is to support the County FA to achieve their targets, whilst working with members by providing CPD to help with their personal development.

We aim to provide young people with the knowledge and support they need to either get involved or enhance and develop their skills in a fun and active environment. Examples have included:

- Supporting County FA Events
- Supporting the work of The National FA Youth Council and fellow West Midlands county youth councils
- Supporting the Kick It Out Campaign - See Event held on Sunday 23rd February 2020 in partnership with the Shropshire Junior Football League
Representation on Shropshire FA Grassroots Football League and Shropshire FA Committees

The Shropshire FA are currently looking at different ways to now make an impact due to COVID so they will be looking at different ways in engaging with the young people of Shropshire.

 Shropshire FA Youth Council:




Our members

The Youth Council aims not only to improve and support the youth volunteer workforce in the community and subsequently youth football but also develop its members in becoming more confident, knowledgeable and employable people. Members will receive CPD training to allow their personal development and support in their roles on the council. All members are reliable, passionate, active and approachable with high values and expectations of one another and themselves for optimum teamwork and results. Our Youth Council is a fun and friendly environment in which a great group dynamic allows everyone’s voices to be heard and have their say in the way youth football is run and developed in Shropshire whilst enjoying one another’s company. 

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Regan Gough
Jack Cole

Have you got what it takes to be the newest member of our Shropshire FA Youth Council Team?
We are always looking for new active members for our youth council who are dedicated and enthusiastic individuals who want to positively impact the game for the young people of Shropshire. If interested in joining our team, please complete the application form below and we will happily consider you.

Download the application below to express your interest to joining the Shropshire FA Youth Council.



We meet Bi monthly at the Shropshire FA Offices with meeting dates being available for the year in advance although subject to change. We discuss upcoming events in which we have a role; organising and planning, we invite guest speakers, we have CPD sessions and we discuss all things Shropshire Football. We also run and support a select number of events throughout the year on weekdays and weekends which members attend.

What are the benefits?

The SFA Youth Council gives you the opportunity to build your CV through various opportunities, which will help increase your employability. You will also get a hands on experience in the football industry, whilst being given the opportunity to expand your network with County FA staff and the wider FA community.

As a reward for our members at the end of each season, some one will be given the opportunity to attend FA Leadership Academy, an event where young leaders from around the country, Europe and the world are enrolled on a year-long training programme designed to improve leadership skills. The previous four days of training was spent at St. George's Park.


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