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37 Wildcats Centres to run in Shropshire in 2020-21


Shropshire FA is delighted to announce that 37 Wildcats Centres will be running throughout the county in 2020 – a huge increase from the 17 centres in 2019!

The Wildcats programme is designed to inspire girls aged between 5-11 to get involved in football, with each centre providing girls with regular opportunities to play the game and take part in organised sessions in a fun and engaging environment created exclusively for girls. 

This year we are extremely proud to announce that we have increased delivery from 17 centres in 2019 to 37 centres in 2020/21, meaning there has never been a better time for girls under 11 to get involved in football in Shropshire

The sessions take place on a weekly basis, either after school or at weekends, subject to the local organiser. They provide a safe environment where girls with no football experience can; have fun engaging with sport, develop fundamental skills, try a variety of sessions, learn new things and create foundations for a lifelong love of sport. 

You can book a child onto a Wildcats Centre easily through the online booking system below. You simply search for your local opportunity using your postcode and click book onto a session. 

Please note, due to COVID-19 a number of Wildcats Centrs will not be operating until Spring 2021.  We will update our page to ensure you have the right details at the right time!!


Shropshire FA Wildcats Centres 2020-21



wildcats centres in shropshire 2020-21

shropshire wildcats new centres 

Contact: Ian Preece


Venue: Millbrook Primary School

Dates & Times: TBC


Contact Ian Preece

E-mail Ian.preece@shropshirefa.com

Venue: AFC Telford United

Dates & Times: TBC



Contact: Jennifer Collins


Venue: Albrighton Primary Scholl

Dates & Times: TBC

Contact: David Shaw

E-Mail: ds.cb@btinternet.com

Venue: Baschurch Village Football Pitches

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery to commence in Spring 2021

Contact: Lee Davies


Bishops Castle Community College  

Dates & Times: Wednesdays, 6-7pm.  

Book here: 

Contact: Zoe Griffiths

E-Mail: Zoe.griffiths@shropshirefa.com

Venue: Crown Meadow, Bridgnorth

Dates & Times: TBC. Delivery to commence in 2021

Contact: Nicholas Popyk


Venue: Weston Road, Morda, SY10 9NS

Dates & Times: Saturdays, 10.30am - 11.30am

Book Here

Contact: Phillippa Elms


Venue: Beech Grove Playing Field

Dates & Times: TBC. 

Contact: George Hounsell

E-Mail: g.hounsell@longlands.sat.coop

Venue: Lower Heath Primary School

Dates & Times: Mondays

Book Here

Contact: George Hounsell

E-Mail: Tigerssecretary@aol.com

Venue: Greenfields Sports Ground,Market Drayton

Dates & Times: TBC. Delivery to start in Spring 2021

Contact: George Hounsell


Venue: Oakmeadow Primary School, Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury

Dates & Times: TBC

Contact: George Hounsell


Venue: Telford Snowboard and Ski Centre (Madeley 3g)

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery to commence in Spring 2021

Contact: Eddie Gough


Venue: Shrewsbury Sports Village

Dates & Times: TBC. Delivery to start spring 2021

Shropshire FA are planning to deliver 3 Wildcats Centres in Shropshire in 2021.  Organisations are able to apply to run one of these. Please contact Eve Bailey on the details below if you are interested in delivering a Wildcats Centre

Contact: Eve Bailey


Venue: TBC

Dates & Times: TBC

Contact: Robert Dutton

E-Mail: wajfccomms@gmail.com

Venue: Whitchurch Sports & Leisure Centre

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery will commence in Spring 2021

Contact: Caroline Degg


Venue: Condover Primary School

Dates & Times: TBC

Contact: Stephanie Williams

E-Mail: tinawilliams72@hotmail.co.uk

Venue: Oakengates Leisure Centre

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery will commence in Spring 2021

Contact: George Hounsell


Lower Heath Primary School

Dates & Times:
Mondays, 3.15 - 4.30pm

Book Here

Contact: Adam Green

E-Mail: sinclairsecretary@gmail.com

Venue: Sinclair social club, Off Hollyhead Road, Ketley, TF1 5HR

Dates & Times: Tuesdays, 4pm - 5pm

Book Here


Contact: Sam Owen


Venue: Oldbury Wells school

Dates & Times: Saturday Mornings

Book Here

Contact: Sean Hall

E-Mail: sean-hall1@sky.com

Venue: Charlton School

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery will re-commence in Spring 2020

Contact: Kristien Wood

E-Mail: wood.k@lacon-childe.org.uk

Venue: Lacon Childe School

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery will commence in Spring 2020

Contact: George Hounsell

E-Mail: g.hounsell@longlands.sat.coop

Venue: Longlands Community Primary School

Dates & Times:
Mondays, 3.15 - 4.15pm

Contact: Mark Neate

E-Mail: ncutdfc@gmail.com

Venue: Telford College

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery will commence in Spring 2020


Contact: Helen Bourton

E-Mail: helenbourton53@gmail.com

Venue: The Burton Borough School

Dates & Times: Fridays 5-6pm 


Contact: Sharon Wood

E-Mail: sharwood.ngfc@gmail.com

Venue: Newport Junior School

Dates & Times: TBC

Contact: Kris Morris

E-Mail: Secretarypreesfc@gmail.com

Venue: Prees Cricket & Recreation Ground

Dates & Times: Friday Evenings

Contact: Nick Blakeway

E-Mail: girls.saha@gmail.com

Venue: Pro Star Stadium, Shrewsbury Town FC, Oteley Road, Shrewsbury

Dates & Times: Saturdays 9.30am - 10.30am

Book Here

Contact: Ian Preece

E-Mail: ian.preece@shropshirefa.com

Venue: Doseley Road Playing Field

Dates & Times: TBC.  Sessions to commence in Spring 2021

Book Here

Contact: Kieran Mountford

E-Mail: Kieran.mountford6@outlook.com

Venue: Idsall Sports Centre

Dates & Times: Wednesdays / Sundays

Book Here

Contact: Michael Tranter

E-Mail: mike@acoustafoam.com

Venue: Shifnal Town FC (The acoustafoam Stadium)

Dates & Times: Saturday mornings

Contact: Tom Rowlands

E-Mail: tom.rowlands@tnsfcfoundation.org.uk

Venue: The Venue, Park Hall

Dates & Times: Wednesday evenings

Contact: Simon Lee

E-Mail: upandcomersfc@gmail.com

Venue: Shrewsbury College

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery will commence in Spring 2020

Contact: Caroline Degg

E-Mail: deggcaroline@gmail.com

Venue: Pontesbury Playing Fields

Dates & Times: TBC.  Delivery will commence in Spring 2021

Contact: Lisa Greatorex

E-Mail: secretary@wrekinjuniors.co.uk

Venue: Telford College

Dates & Times: TBC. 


For girls aged 5-11 who want to play football for the first time, Wildcats Girls’ Football Centres provide a fun introduction to the game.