The Shropshire FA Referees' Committee wish to encourage all referees to aim at achieving an improvement in their performance level. To that end, the Committee is keen to support all aspiring referees who wish to apply for advancement within the county promotion system.

The following criteria is laid down by the Football Association & Shropshire FA for all promotion candidates to follow, who wish to obtain promotion from Junior County Referee - Level 7, and County Referee - Level 6 to the Senior County Referee - Level 5.

Level 9: Trainee Referee. These are referees who have completed the basic training course and passed the examinations who have yet to complete their 6-match record of achievement.

Level 8: Youth referee (under 16)

Level 7: Junior referees not in Level 8 or below (local football referee)

Level 6: County referees (local football referee)

Level 5: Senior County referees. This classification includes referees who have served at a higher level. Where a referee has achieved a level higher than Level 5 and is then not retained, the referee is to be classified as a Level 5, with the option of further promotion in the normal way or until a status of non-active is declared by the individual.

Level 4: Referees selected to officiate as a Referee on a Supply League (e.g. Manchester League Premier Division.  In addition Level 4 officials will serve as Assistant Referees on the Contributory Leagues e.g. UniBond, North West Counties.

Level 3: Referees selected to officiate as a Referee on the National List of Contributory Leagues (e.g. Blue Square North, Unibond League, North-West Counties League). In addition, Level 3 officials will serve as Assistant Referees on either the Panel Leagues, Football League or Premier League.

Level 2: Referees selected by The FA to serve on the Panel List (Blue Square Premier, Football League Reserve and Premier League Reserve Leagues). In addition, Level 2 Referees will serve as Assistant Referees on either the Football League or Premier League.

Level 1: Referees selected by The Football Association to serve on the Referees panel of the National List (Premier and Football Leagues)

International: Referees who are on the FIFA List of Referees.

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Please contact Referees Development Officer: Jamie James or 01743 362769

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