International Clearance

Football clubs and leagues have an obligation to comply with The FA and FIFA regulations regarding the need to obtain international clearance for players who have previously played abroad. This requirement applies to players who have played in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and Wales as well further abroad. The FA website has developed a webpage to explain the processes needed for clubs to obtain International Clearance for any player they wish to sign.

The Shropshire FA share a border with Wales, and players who have played for teams in Wales will need an international transfer certificate before they can register to play in a league in the county.
FIFA Regulations stipulate that an ITC is required for all players crossing borders from the age of 12 onwards.

The purpose of the certificate is to ensure that players have fulfilled their financial obligations to previous clubs, county or regional FA’s, and that they are not serving a suspension in another country.
Before you submit a registration for ANY player to a league or competition, clubs should be satisfied that the player has not played “abroad” or if they have, an international transfer certificate has been issued for them.

A dual registration for clubs in England and Wales for Clubs in Saturday or Sunday based Leagues is not permitted (including midweek commitments). International Clearance also applies to small-sided football and futsal competitions).

If you have a case that you are not sure about, it is recommended to err on the side of caution and contact the registration team at The FA using the application form stating the facts and seeking guidance from them.

The e-mail address to use is

In all cases the application form should be sent to the FA and not to the Shropshire FA.
All completed forms need to be faxed to 0844 980 0663

It is important to be aware that The FA will bring charges against clubs who fail to conform to these guidelines

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