Why you should get a FAN.

FAN stands for Football Association Number. Having a FAN is just like having a PIN for football. It's your unique code, allowing you access to exclusive areas of TheFA.com, the home of English football.

For example, you will need a FAN to:

•Access general public tickets online for England matches at TheFA.com.
•Shop at the official England online store – and receive advance notice of special offers.
•Access our premium-level Video Vault for footage you won’t see elsewhere – and to view historic archive material.
•Submit your questions on exclusive live webchats with key England and FA personnel.
•Participate in exclusive online competitions and polls – only for FAN holders.

Please note, if you would like to get a FAN for a group of two or more people, each group member would need to be registered with a separate e-mail address. If you belong to a household which share the same e-mail address, we would ask you to sign up for a new e-mail address, or perhaps request the use of a friends e-mail address for the purpose of the acquiring a FAN.

Children under 16 years can be registered under the same e-mail address as an adult in their group.

Getting a FAN is straightforward and immediate. Click here to complete a simple form and instantly receive your FAN.

Get the best out of The FA – get a FAN.

• If you already have a FAN and you want to update your existing details, click here.