9v9 football is a format of Association Football, following full Association Football rules, but played on a smaller pitch, smaller goals and with less players on the team.

9v9 is a format that has been adopted by all of the Junior Football Leagues in Shropshire, and is a part of the recommendations of the FA's Youth Development Review, which will be implemented across the country over the coming seasons.

9v9 is being utilised in order to act as a stepping stone between mini-soccer and the 11-a-side game. This format of the game is designed to support the progression of players' learning, not taking them from a child’s experience in Mini-Soccer at U10 straight into an adult’s version of the game at U11.

The attached documents give further details of the pitch dimensions and goal size recommendations for 9v9 football as well as the rules of the game and The FA's rationale for utilising the 9v9 game;

For further information on 9v9 football, please contact Andy Baker, Football Development Office, andy.baker@shropshirefa.com or 01743 362769.