Respect Sanctions

Shropshire County FA has introduced a new sanctioning system for the 2015/16 season Respect sanctions will be imposed where teams accumulate incidents of C2 (cautions for showing dissent by word or action) and S6 (sending off for using offensive, insulting or abusive language) cases.

The sanction threshold will be as follows:

Stage One:



Accumulation of 6 incidents of qualifying offences (per team)

Warning as to future conduct

Stage Two:



Accumulation of 10 incidents of qualifying offences (per team)

Step 5                                                -   £150.00

Step 6 & 7                                         -     £75.00

Outside NLS (including Youth)     -     £50.00

Stage Three:



Accumulation of 15 incidents of qualifying offences (per team)

Step 5                                                -   £300.00

Step 6 & 7                                         -   £150.00

Outside NLS (including Youth)     -   £100.00

Stage Four:



Accumulation of 20 incidents of qualifying offences (per team), and for each subsequent 5 qualifying offences

The club will be charged under FA Rule E20 (Failure to control players)

Additional points:

  • All thresholds will be based at team level and each team will be treated individually
  • Each stage attracts an administration fee, applicable to discipline charges (currently £10)
  • Stages Two and Three may be appealed in writing. Clubs are able to enter a plea in mitigation and to present extenuating circumstances that a commission in a non-personal hearing may wish to consider.  

Poor Discipline Record Sanctions 

A procedure has been put in place to deal with clubs with a poor discipline record, taking into consideration all offences and not just those imposed under the Respect Sanction process.

Clubs with a poor discipline record will be charged under FA Rule E20 – failure to control players and/or officials and/or spectators.

The measure of a number of offences will continue to be gauged by a point process, with a different level of points to be allocated dependent on the seriousness of the offence:



1 point each offence, with the exception of dissent (C2) which will attract 2 points

S1 – Serious Foul Play

S2 – Violent Conduct

S3 – Spits at an opponent

S4 & S5 – Denies an obvious goal scoring opportunity

S6 – Abusive, insulting or offensive language

S7 – Commits a second cautionable offence

5 points

6 points

7 points

3 points

4 points

3 points

Misconduct charges

5 points each unless these are increased by the Discipline Commission.

Charging Threshold

An E20 misconduct charge will be raised against a club in any of the following circumstances:

  • Any team's points tally reaches 75 points 
  • Any team within a club reaches Stage Four 
  • A club has been charged and the cases proven, where two games have been abandoned as a result of misconduct (irrespective of how many teams within the club, but this could be seen as a mitigating factor when considering sanctioning) 
  • A club has four or more incidents across all of its teams of violent conduct (including all S2 charges and any other charges of physical assault on a match official and participant-on-participant assault) - this is irrespective of how many teams there are within the club, but this could be deemed as a mitigating factor when considering sanctioning 
  • A club has two or more E3(2) charges raised its players in the last 12 months 

A charge under any of these conditions will be raised at any stage during the season. The sanction for any charge will be at the discretion of a County Disciplinary Commission and would be subject to appeal to the Football Association. 

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